CRW Freight Management is a small, family-owned trucking company with an ownership structure that allows the company to focus on what we can and should do instead of only seeking to maximize shareholder value. This philosophy has created a highly stable environment, with the average tenure of the management team at 15 years. CRW Freight Management prides itself on conducting business with integrity, striving for strong relationships with our clients, our vendors and especially with our employees.

  • At CRW, our drivers are paid above the industry average salary.
  • At CRW, our vendors are paid ahead of the contract terms.
  • At CRW, completed loads are billed on average in less than eight days.
  • At CRW, employees and management share the same workspace and receive the same benefits.

Management enjoys the opportunity to work side-by-side with our employees, gaining valuable insight at all levels of operation. CRW believes in continuous improvement. Half of our office staff has received offsite training within the last year, and half of our staff has earned an associate degree or higher. The ideal of continuous improvement also applies to our fleet. We have always utilized the most modern truck models available.

We were early adopters of fuel efficiency technology such as anti-idling units, super-single wheelsthat when compared to standard dual tires, have been shown to improve fuel efficiency thanks to reduced weight, lower rolling resistance, and lower aerodynamic drag.  We have coupled the increase in fuel efficiency with the adoption of aluminum rims to reduce weight and further increase efficiency. 

CRW has outfitted its fleet with aerodynamic truck kits as well as trailer skirts that provide consistent on road fuel savings by redirecting airflow around the sliding tandem in multiple positions.CRW delivers full service, maintaining high standards and providing superior value to our clients. We are proud that the CRW Freight Management name is synonymous with trusted, quality service.